Barstool Gypsy

The Apparel Department

Welcome to the apparel page. Have you ever needed a new jacket, new pair of riding boots or just something new to wear out on the town but realized you have to head down to the overpriced dealership yet again because you really don’t have an alternative? Well that’s was then, Barstool Gypsy is now. We have everything you need and then some for all your riding and “extracurricular activity” needs. From leather jackets, jeans, jewelry and clothing to rain gear, sunglasses and riding boots we have everything you will need to enjoy a day or evening out. Its like walking into a dealership but still being able to walk out with money in your pocket and even better you won’t look like a walking billboard for a company that wants to charge you $45 for a t-shirt! Please stop by and check us out. You will be glad you did.